We have a passion for sharing great adventures and inspiring you!

We teach the best and latest photography techniques in the most incredible settings.  We scout every location.  And then we scout some more.  No wonder our clients keep coming back year after year!  All of our photography tours are in small groups and are designed for all level of photographer, especially amateur photographers and hobbyists.  All of our tour leaders are trained to teach the latest tips and techniques, all while guiding you through the most picturesque places around the globe.

I’ve had the pleasure of taking a photography tour with the World Wide Photo Tours team.

"From the moment we met during the meet and greet, they explained every aspect of each day clearly and effectively. I see improvements in all areas of my photography, especially in my confidence. Thank you, World Wide Photo Tours, for making photography, travel and learning fun and exciting.” – Chris from Pennsylvania, USA

From the places that we visited to the positive and inspiring feedback from the instructors, I not only had a good time, I learned so much.

"The team at World Wide Photo Tours is very helpful and available to answer your questions, no matter how silly you may think they are. They are experts at teaching photography and helping you to not only use techniques, but to feel the shot. The tour leaders are top experts, in my opinion, and made the experience fun. If you ask me if I would do it again, I whole-heartedly answer yes!"– Mary W.

World Wide Photo Tours knows where to take you and at what time of the day is best for quality photographs.

"They not only guide you in helping you to catch the less obvious beauties, they provide feedback after the visits to ensure that you actually learn from the experience. I love the price. It was spot on for what they offer as a professional photography tour and workshop. The tour wasn't boring at all, which is a plus for me. I take these trips to enjoy myself, so apart from learning a lot, I also like to have fun. World Wide Photo Tours was exciting and really enjoyable. I will be back, without a doubt. – John

Our photo workshops are more than bringing back INCREDIBLE PHOTOS,
they are about learning new photo techniques and returning home with a