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Capture Exceptional Images

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Hi! I’m Rick Berk. I’m a photo excursion leader and professional photographer with WorldWidePhotoTours.com. As senior tour leader, I need to have a planned vision of what I want myself, and the tour group I’m leading, to be able to photograph before we even set up our cameras.

My job is to focus on helping others capture exceptional images and to offer them personalized guidance. Part of that guidance is recommending equipment, from lenses to camera bodies to tripods to filters. One such recommendation is a lens neutral density filter that gives the ability to manipulate the available light. For me, the best ND filters on the market are Vü Filters.

Often, when I’m teaching a tour group how to properly photograph a landscape, the dynamic range of the scene will exceed the dynamic range the camera can effectively capture. That’s where Vü Sion Graduated Neutral Density Filters come in. Whether I’m photographing a sunrise, sunset, or a scene at mid day, I know I’ll be able to capture the full range of the scene berk_vu_filtersby using these filters to reduce the brightest areas of the scene and to balance the light into the range my camera can effectively capture.

I also demonstrate the use of a slowed shutter speed as a creative tool to create the effects I want in a landscape. It might be blurring moving clouds, or blurring moving water, but if the available light is too bright to allow the use of my preferred, slower shutter speed, I need to find a way to cut down the light entering the lens. Vü Sion Neutral Density filters allow me to do just that. The best part is that the filters come in 1-, 2-, 3-, and 10-stop densities, so I have complete ability to manipulate the light as needed. I love sharing these simple techniques and tools with my photography tour groups.

The beauty of the Vü filter system is the flexibility it provides. Not only does the Vü 100mm filter holder allow me to use 3 drop-in filters in any combination I choose, but it also allows the integration of a polarizer, meaning I don’t have to compromise when I want to use both a polarizer and a graduated neutral density filter. The filters are all consistently color neutral as well, giving me confidence knowing that my images will look consistent regardless of which filter I’m using.  The result is always stunning landscape images.

It would be a pleasure to have you join me on one of the hands-on guided the tours I lead for World Wide Photo Tours.  Visit www.WorldWidePhotoTours.com to see where I’m heading next.

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