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2016 Letchworth NY Photography Workshop

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World Wide Photo Tour held a fun filled educational photography adventure in Letchworth State Park, N.Y.

Professional photographers Rick Berk and Jessica Lempin were amazing in leading the group throughout the beautiful scenery of the ‘Grand Canyon of the East’ otherwise known as Letchworth State Park in NY. The weather started out a bit iffy for this three day workshop. We all arrived into Mt. Morris, N.Y. with steady rains, while a cold front pushed in, gale force wind warnings, to potential snow close to the area. However in the end, Mother Nature went easy on us and wowed us with each in-field session we went out for. Plus, as expected it was perfect timing with the peak fall foliage in the park.

Rick and Jessica lead the group to explore and shoot the majestic Upper Falls at sunrise and sunset, Middle Falls in the early morning, Wolf Creek during the afternoon, Lower Falls in the early afternoon, grand views at Inspiration Point, morning light at the Council Grounds, and multiple grand views at several pull off locations throughout the park. No matter where we turned the views were simply breathtaking. The park is so beautiful, well maintained and planned out.

Rick and Jessica worked with everyone along the three days, either with assistance with framing and composing the scene at hand, by helping with the functions of their cameras, or with showing the group new techniques. Rick and Jessica were truly surprise and thrilled to see the diversity each attendee showed during the critique class session. We all viewed the same locations, and yet ended up capturing some different and beautiful.


World Wide Photo Tours | Letchworth, NY Photography Workshop | October 2016 | Professional Photographers Rick Berk and Jessica Lempin posed with the group.


“One of the great things about a workshop like this is seeing how differently people can see the same subject. I really enjoyed helping everyone learn new techniques and then watching them apply those techniques to their own vision.  It was great to watch the interaction amongst the attendees and instructors, and the attendees with each other, to share ideas, techniques, or just help answer each other’s questions. It truly became a collaborative effort each time we set up at a new location.


Letchworth State Park provided some challenging conditions to photograph in, but everyone was able to produce some spectacular images.  We began the workshop fighting rain and mist from an overfull Genesee River, and then battled cold raw conditions but were rewarded with some spectacular weather later on. The fall colors were just about peak, making it the ideal time to capture the beauty of western New York. It was a pleasure meeting with and working with everyone and I hope to see everyone again on another World Wide Photo Tours workshop.” – Rick Berk

Overall the group did well and turned out some beautiful scenes from there time in Letchworth State Park. Check out the images below.

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